PROTECTION AND PROGRESS for your growing child
babina Plus is specially formulated for your young child. It contains all the important nutrients required to strengthen your child and support their progress.

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babina Plus is a nutritious and delicious milk drink that your child will love.
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babina Plus: Swiss quality

babina Plus products are manufactured 100% in Switzerland using the best Swiss Milk.

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babina Plus

babina Plus is a nutritious and delicious milk drink that your child will love throughout their growing years. The smooth vanilla flavour also makes babina Plus the perfect base for great-tasting recipes.

babina Plus is produced Switzerland. Pure, fresh cow's milk from the Swiss Alps combined with valuable nutrients and ingredients provide a delicious drink that will meet your child's specific needs. The nutritional benefits of babina Plus exceed those of regular (cow's) milk.

babina Plus includes important ingredients and nutrients like fatty acid DHA and essential fatty acids (ALA & LA), which are important for healthy brain development.

babina Plus includes natural dietary fibre to support gut health and a balanced mix of different micronutrients (such as vitamin C, iron, calcium and many more). babina Plus also provides a significant amount of high-quality milk protein.

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